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Atta Gyamfi

General Manager

Mr. Gyamfi has over 23 years of experience in the banking industry with in-depth knowledge of banking operations, strategic planning, accounting, micro lending and marketing. He has been very instrumental in the banks face-lifting and deposit mobilization strategies for the …

Samuel Amponsah-Twum

Branch Manager- Ofoase

Mr.Amponsah-Twum  has over 30 years of rich banking experience  in the areas of forex bureau , accounting ,customer service, marketing  and operations. Prior to his current position, he was the branch Manager of Juansa Branch . He worked as a …

Bright Ofori-Amoako

Risks and Compliance

He joined the bank on the May 2007 as susu officer. He previously held various positions such as branch Adwuma Nkoso  Officer and proceeded to be assistant branch manager of Konongo Branch. He had also worked with three branches of …

Janet Obeng Kwakye

Branch Manageress -Ayeduasi

Jane joined the Bank in May 2004 as secretary to the General Manager. Her love for core banking made her avail herself to learn on the job and subsequently became a senior clerk and a teller in two different agencies. …

Ernest Osei

Head of Internal Audit

Mr Ernest Osei has over twenty (20) years banking experience in the areas of Banking Operations, Internal Control and Auditing,Risk and Compliance Management,Foreign and Local Funds transfer Management, Strategic Corporate planning ...


Ibrahim Mohammed

Branch Manager -Juaso

Mr Anyars joined this Bank in 2008 as a senior accounts clerk, and has since had several opportunities to serve in other capacities of contemporary banking, garnering all the rudiments 21st century professional banking with regard to branch management and …