Asante Akyem Rural Bank Limited was established as a company limited by shares. It was incorporated under the Companies Code 1963(Act 179) with a registered number 17,583, on December 1, 1980, and was accordingly granted permission to commence business on March 27, 1981. The company was issued a banking license as a deposit taking financial institution by the Bank of Ghana under the banking Act, 1970 (ACT 339) on January 10, 1984.

The bank is owned by a number of ordinary shareholders, mainly from its operational area with some few associations/institutional investors being part owners of the bank through ordinary shares.

Its registered Head Office is located at Juansa (off Konongo-Agogo road) in the Asante Akim North Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, West Africa.


Our Vision

To grow the bank to become first class leader in community banking dedicated to protecting the interest of the various stakeholders.

Our Mission

To be a reliable rural financial intermediary, capable of mobilizing idle funds to support viable economic ventures in its operational area, as a way of promoting growth and improving the standard of living of its clients in an efficient and competitive manner, through a value oriented work force dedicated to maximizing shareholders wealth