Applications are invited from suitable applicants to be considered for the post of;


  1. 1st Degree in Administration with Human Resource Management as the option
     Must have at least seven years in related work, two years of which must be in banking
    Age Limit: Not more that 44 years and not less than 25 years.


  1. Masters Degree in Human Resource Management
     Must have at least five years working experience, 2 years of which must be in Banking.
    Age Limit: Not more than 44 years, not less than 25 years
  2. Professional Qualification in related field would be an added advantage.

The applicant must be computer literate capable of using excel, power point and other office suite.


  1. At least a 1st degree in Computer Science or related qualification.
  2. Professional certificate in cyber security and other related professional certificates.
  3. Three (3) years working experience in related work is required.

Age Limit: Not more than 44 years, not less than 25 years

Two weeks after publication

SUBMISSION: (Soft & Hard copies)
All Applicants must be addressed to;
The General Manager
Asante Akyem Rural Bank Ltd
P. O. Box 25
Juansa – Asante Akyem North

Soft copies to

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AGM 2019

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT; The 32ND  Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Shareholders

of the Asante Akyem Rural Bank Limited will be held at the Bank’s Head Office JUANSA on Saturday,30th November,2019. At 10.00 am.


1          To read the Notice convening the Meeting.        

2          To confirm the minutes of the 31st  Annual General Meeting.    

3          To consider the Report of the Chairman of Board of Directors.   

4          To consider the Report of the Directors and the Accounts           

for the year ended 31st December, 2018 and the Auditors Reports.         

5          To declare Dividend for the year ended 31st December,2018.    

6          To approve the remuneration of the Directors.   

7          To elect Directors in place of those retiring by rotation. 

8          To elect new Auditor in place of the one retiring

9          To pass the following resolutions:         

a          Transfer from income surplus to stated capital.         

b          Establish a Development fund from Profit after Tax  

c          Establish Corporate Social Responsibility fund from Profit after Tax.           

d          Establish Staff Retiring Fund from  Profit after Tax. 

Dated: 30th August, 2019


A member is entitled to attend and vote at the meeting or  appoint a proxy  to attend and vote on his or her behalf.                                         

Such a proxy may not necessarily  be a member of the bank.                   

 A proxy form is enclosed with the  accounts.                

Completed Proxy Form should be lodged with the General Manager                   

or the Secretary, Asante Akyem Rural Bank Limited, P. O. Box 25, Juansa not less                     

(72) hours to the time of the meeting.                

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